Sunday, March 21, 2010

Visit with Winter Yachts

This week, Winter Yachts and Rhodes Yacht Design got together to discuss various projects.  The main goal was developing the Winter 64, whose construction will start in April.  In addition, RYD brought load cells to Tim's shop in order to weigh the Tarpon 29', which is under construction.  Through weighing the 29', RYD is able to ensure the original design coincides with construction.  Everything checked out -- the 29' as-built matches the design, ensuring proper performance.

W23 built by Taylor Willis

Steeple Completioin w/ Hightower Construction

Working for Hightower and with Glenn Keyes Architects, we just completed the new steeple for St. John the Baptist Cathedral in downtown Charleston.  For myself and Hightower, this was a four year project in the making and a 100 year wait for the Catholic community in Charleston.  Everyone has been pleased with the outcome.  The hardest part of this project was to keep all new constuction light-weight and to make the new steeple match the 100 year old cathedral.  We used cold mold boatbuilding methods to achieve the weight requirements, and designed and built all our own structural precast panels.

Live 5 News Feature

Video of Lift courtesy Post and Courier

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Hello All!  This is Rhodes Yacht Design first post.  I am excited to keep everyone up-to-date with latest projects and photos.  Working for Hightower Construction, I just finished construction of the Steeple for St. John the Baptist Cathedral.  We used boatbuilding technology in this construction -- Cold Mold structure over steel frame.  Also, we used our CNC machine and 3-d design capabilities to fabricate all our own precast ornamental concrete panels.  Check pics for more explanation!